Jamie & Josué engagement pics

Jamie and Josué have been working at our base about 1,5 years now. They fell in love with each other pretty soon after they met here, and now a few months ago got engaged. I got an honour to take their engagement pictures, and God blessed them with a beautiful backdrop- a full, double rainbow! It was like walking into heaven :)

Best friends- Julia and Laurita

The Silva family is moving to Finland on Christmas Eve and it´s gonna be sad for all of us here, but I guess it´s especially hard for the friends of their kids. Julia´s best friend is Laura (what a beautiful name she has ;) ), and here are some pics I took of them. They are both so beautiful and cute and everything, but even more than that, their hearts are pure gold!

Lau and Julia, I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Priscilla has been part of Silva´s family for this school year and through that she´s also been part of our base family. I wanted to give her a photo shoot as a birthday present and I´m happy she agreed to be a model :) . I wanted her to have a little elfish look, and I think she looks like one!
I found this dress from Ropa Americana (aka second hand (translation: American clothes :) )- and yes, it´s the same one I ended up using as Yakshira´s wedding dress! That´s good use for $6!  :)

We found a beauuutiful spot not far from here and had great time taking some photos in the nature.

This one looks like a painting- it´s taken through smoke..

Gracias Priscilla!!

Yakshira´s and Josés´ Wedding

One of our ministries at our base is maternity ministry called "Seeds of Life". Jamie Dudeck, who is in charge of it runs courses where the young mothers and pregnant girls learn about taking care of themselves and their babies, what is a healthy family like etc. One of the girls that did her course last year is Yakshira, and because of the things that were taught on the course, she wanted to get married to her boyfriend, José, the father of her two beautiful children.

It took many months for them to get all the paperwork done (I guess that´s why many people don´t get married here, because it takes a looong time to get all the permits if you want to do it for free), but now finally last month they were able to do it!

Because of their financial situation they couldn´t do anything special for their wedding, so they just wanted to have a simple civil wedding and enjoy a dinner with our former base leaders Salla and Diego, but Salla, Jamie and I wanted to make the day a little more special for them. We had a white dress for her to use, Salla had a silver ring to give to her, I did her hair, made a bouquet for her and a little cake for them to enjoy after dinner. Jamie and Julia (Salla´s and Diego´s daughter)
set the dinner table for them. And I also took some pictures of them.