Wedding pics

I love taking photos at weddings! It´s such a special day, and to be able to be there to capture those beautiful moments of love and joy, it´s so precious!

These following pictures are mostly from the last few years- it seems like only with practice you can master things, and when I was going through the wedding pics I´ve taken in the earlier years, I started to feel almost sorry for the people I´ve taken the photos of!! I should´ve always told them to get someone better, and then I could just have practiced while the other one is being the official photographer. Well, of course there were nice pictures too, but I wish there were more!

If your pictures didn´t make it onto this post, don´t worry, there are a lot of pictures I really like of your photos too, but I realized, there would be way too many to put on the same blog post, if I picked all the pics I liked. So I just chose these ones from these seven weddings.


Asta said...

Voi Laura!! Nää on ihan täydellisiä hääkuvia!! oih!

Laura said...

Kiitos, Asta, rohkaisevasta kommentista!