Finnish Melancholy

There´s something about Finnish Melancholy. And I´m not talking about depression and high suicide rates that unfortunately also are a part of our heritage. But something makes us Finns.. well, I´d better just talk about myself and some others, ´cause of course this is not the case for all the Finns! So something makes me like those melancholic songs(not depressive though!), the gray landscape, misty mornings, blue moments.. It´s not that I only like those kind of things, because I LOVE colors, joy etc, but it seems like I need those gray moments for a while, and then I can enjoy being happy again. They kind of freshens up the happy moments.
Well, whatever, maybe someone understands what I´m trying to say! :) It is harder to explain, than I thought! Here are some melancholic pictures for you to "enjoy" ;)


Tinni Moshi said...

Laura, sun kuvat on niin inspiroivia!! Finnish melancholy-- mutta täynnä herkkyyttä!

Laura said...

Kiitti Tinni!(ja kiitos että myös kommentoit!! :))